The Mildred Allen Scholarship is presented to the top performer in the grades 9-10 category. This award shall be presented annually in loving memory of Mildred Allen and in celebration for the wonderful legacy she has left. None who knew her will ever forget her endless contributions to the Guild and to the piano teaching field.

The Richard Gigax Award is presented to the top performer in the grades 7-8 category.

The Robinette Gilkison Scholarship is presented to the top performer in the grades 11-12 category. One of her closest friends, Mildred Allen, described her in this way:

People  Person

Perfectionist        Professional

Executive             Enthusiastic

Organizer             Resourceful

Performer            Sympathetic

Lovable                 Off-beat

Entertainer          Noteworthy

The above honors are dedicated to the memory of two great teachers and leaders, Robinette and Mildred, and to Dick, a music education visionary.

The Mark Gray Jazz Study Award has been created in memory of former student Mark Gray, by Elizabeth Brock. The purpose of this scholarship is to aid a student in pursuing jazz piano study in addition to classical piano study. Auditions will be held in conjunction with the Spring Scholarship Auditions and an essay explaining why the applicant should be awarded a scholarship to study jazz piano will be required. The applicant must play in the high school scholarship auditions and follow the requirements for those auditions. A separate jazz audition is not required.